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Does it get any better?

A fantastically stylish watch that fits both a day at work and a fantastic party!

Philip Leveau

Extremely nice stuff! The case and the combination with the bracelets is above all expectations!

Emil Glans

My first impression was really beyond expectation. It feels like a very luxurious watch, but at an affordable price!

Amelie Sjogren

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Our products are not just watches. They are well-designed jewelry that can be adapted to any occasion. Whatever plans you have, our goal is for you to find a combination of case and strap that suits you.

With a case and three straps in your posession, you can create three unique looks, in a few seconds. Take out the strap you want to use and quickly attach it to the case - smooth and stylish. Whether you want a blue NATO strap or a black alligator embossed leather one, it is just as easy and quick to adapt the look to the occasion. 

Every little detail is carefully designed to create a whole that is well-balanced, without unnecessary elements that interfere with the experience of function and beauty in perfect harmony. We want our watches to be a flexible tool in everyday life and a piece of jewelery for the eye to rest on.

You can easily change the battery yourself when it's time, with the included tool. You save time and money while doing the environment a favor because you do not have to go to the store and spend time shopping while waiting for the battery change to be completed. Free up time for things that really matter!

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Choose your watch case

What is your personal style? What occasions do you use a watch? What do you usually wear for other jewelry? Choose from several high-quality housing and find the one that suits you. Swedish engineering and innovation!

Choose straps

Now you are ready to choose a perfect match of cases and bracelets that can be used at all times in your life. High quality and a lot of opportunities at an attractive price!

Enjoy your purchase

Style, quality and flexibility converge! In different combinations our cases and straps create beautiful and timeless wristwatches, to adorn and inspire!